I’ve created and delivered a variety of talks for conferences, camps, and user group meetings. Here are some of the interesting ones:

  • iOS Accessibility: A Crash Course: A 60-90 minute introduction for iOS Developers on how to make their apps usable for Voiceover, Switch Control, braille keyboards, and other assistive technologies using UIKit and SwiftUI. I’ve presented versions of this talk at several CocoaConf conferences, 360 iDev, and at AccessU 2021.
  • Accessible Design in AR/VR: A look at ways of making spatial computing maximally useful for everyone, regardless of degree of mobility, vision, acuity of hearing, or motor control, including the various tools and resources that are available for designing for those technologies. Presented for Handsome (design agency), for Austin Accessibility and Inclusive Design, and at AccessU 2019.
  • Using Git: When Things Go Wrong: In this session, we’ll learn how Git’s great power can be used for good when things go wrong. Probe the occult secrets of deleted commits with git reflog. Gaze into the heart of darkness and find bugs using git bisect. And learn to change history itself with git squash, git rebase, and amend commits. Presented at San Antonio iOS Developer Meetup in 2020.
  • An Introduction to CreateML: An introduction to Apple’s easy-to-use toolkit for creating machine learning models, with live demos using user-generated content.
  • Building Interactive Games: The Most Fun You Can Have Being Creative:A fast-moving, wide ranging talk on the joy of games as a creative medium with visits to Wagner’s operas and what the book of Genesis can teach us about creativity. Delivered to Austin Technology Camp in 2019.
  • Speed Run: Build a Galaxian Clone with SpriteKit in 45 Minutes: Build a clone of the classic arcade game Galaxian in a mere 45 minutes. I developed this for CocoaConf, but Jim Stewart kindly delivered it when I was unable to attend.
  • Game of Things: A Technical Intro to Internet of Things: Build a iPhone controllable Internet of Things Device, learning some CoreBluetooth along the way. CocoaConf 2016.
  • The Best Automated Tests You Don’t Have to Write: A survey of some great ways to add automated testing to your iOS apps without having to write extensive and hard-to-maintain tests yourself. CocoaConf 2015.