Return to Schlitterbahn

Yesterday I took a sick day to help tend to family members. Liam had been up coughing and hacking for several hours during the night, and Kathy comforted him while wrestling with the same thing herself. (Because of her pregnancy, she’s not allowed much strong medicine, so it’s especially trying for her.) Midway through the morning, our friends from down the street called and asked if Abby wanted to go to Schlitterbahn, the world’s best
water park, with them. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, the
girls and I were all on our way while Kathy and Liam went down for naps. I
hadn’t been to the place for nearly a decade, during which time they’ve
added a phenomenal amount of stuff to the park — after 5 hours, we’d only
gotten through about half of it. Loads of fun.