Well <I>That</I> Changed My Mind!

Attached to the end of one of the spams I got today (sic on the whole thing in advance): We are sorry if this contact we have made with you has upset you in any way. We believe in freedom of speech: electronically, written or spoken. It is our God given write to be able to express our self’s. We are all created equal. Should not we be able to write/make contact to another humans? Think about what is being said about bulk mailing, who do you think would really be trying to stop it? These days’ people seem to blindly accept what is put before them if it comes from a so-called trusted source. Bulk mailing is not bad when it is carried out in a responsible way. It only takes seconds to delete if you are not interested, mail in your letter box is wasting the earths resources and creating physical pollution, Through media we are bombarded with advertisements weather we like it or not. Please think about this, lets be fair. Stand up for what is good and true. Do not ban or prohibit the greatest method of mass communication by such an environmentally friendly and cost eff!
ective medium.
Perhaps if they’d promise to spell check all future spam, I’d go along with it…