Another Full Weekend

I’m starting to really feel like I’m ready for a break! This past weekend
went largely as planned: we picked up Emily at the airport, packed our
remaining furniture, and attended Daniel Davenport’s birthday party. Emily
really enjoyed her time in New York, and though she’s glad to be home, seems
to still miss [Martha->] a fair bit. Our move was made a bit easier by the
purchase of some of our furniture by the prospective buyers of our old home.
I’m not sure we would have had enough U-Haul space if we hadn’t been able to
leave those items behind. (Many thanks to the folks who helped us with
loading and unloading — it would have been dreadful without you.) Daniel’s
party was great fun, and broadened our parenting horizons a bit as we
discovered that Liam loves Skee-Ball. Since then, I’ve been back to work,
Emily’s been sick, Kathy’s been unpacking, and Abby and Liam have been
running amok. In spite of the fact that we haven’t gotten much rest for a
while, we’re very grateful that our house is about ready to sell, and that I’ll likely be able to start spending some more time with the family
soon. (More details on that as they become available.)