Late in the evening on August 7 I placed an order with
for a camcorder. I promptly received an email acknowledgement of the order.
The next morning, I found another vendor which had the same camcorder for
$200 less, so I immediately sent an email request to cancel
the order. They still haven’t replied to my request to cancel the order 5
days later, and they took the liberty of charging my credit card the full
amount for the order on August 8 as well. They have made no effort to
communicate in any way since the initial confirmation of the order. I will
be sending another email today to request a refund. So far, my experience
with them has been uniformly bad, and I would steer others away from ever using this vendor. Update: The camcorder arrived on August 15 in spite of the order cancellation, but has still not responded to any of my emails. Update The Second: finally contacted me on August 22, 2 weeks after I sent my first email, which they were unable to locate. They say they’ve arranged for UPS to come by and pick up the package.