I Love a Low-Rent Parade!

One of the delightful things about living in this part of the country is
that all of the towns, big and little, have festivals celebrating the
produce or aspect of their culture they’re known for. Perhaps foremost among
them is the Poteet
Strawberry Festival
, though Spamarama and Art Car Weekend aren’t
to be missed either. This weekend marks the 31st annual Chilympiad, which benefits the local
chapter of the American Red Cross and a little girl who’s suffering from
cancer. Of course, one can’t have a chili cook-off without a parade, and
this morning’s was a doozie. My favorite participants: the local low-rider
club, who had their hydraulically enhanced vehicles out in their full glory,
the chinese dragon being pulled by the lawn tractor, and the Harley Davidson
riders, who both by dint of numbers and battle-readiness would have the odds
in their favor if it came to a showdown with the Army Reserve Unit that
preceeded them. Dang, them hawgs is loud!