It's Alive! ALIVE!

In order to administer websites of any complexity, it’s vital to have
software designed for the task to help out. I have a number of tools in my
kit, but the one that I’d be most loathe to part with is Conversant, the super-powerful
software that runs on the server where this website sits and provides great
administrative tools, a built-in stylesheet editor, a discussion group,
content management tools, email and newsreader access to the site, and much
more. Now, because Conversant is actually a very well-thought-out groupware
platform, the good folks at Macrobyte
can add great features with wild abandon. The latest example
of their hard work and Conversant’s flexibility is the group
they’ve just added to all the Conversant sites. It interfaces
seamlessly Conversant’s other features, and is one of the
more powerful implementations of web-based-calendaring that’s out there.
Kudos to all at Macrobyte for their excellent work. (Full disclosure: I used
to work for Macrobyte, though I think I’d still feel the same way about
Conversant if I hadn’t.)