Hardware Envy

I just placed an order for a dual-processor 450MHz Power Macintosh G4 with a Radeon card. It’s going to replace the G3 that’s currently on my desk. I’ll also be selling the iBook, which will be supplanted by the Dell laptop I’ll be using for work. (I suppose I’ll switch back to Eudora, since Outlook Express for Windows seems markedly inferior to Outlook Express for Mac, which I quite like.) Anyway, the G4 will set me up well to be able to do some pretty serious video work, both for church and for The McMains Chronicles. The only challenge is getting one of these stupid Internet vendors to actually ship me a camera. [Shop4Digital->] is the latest in the doghouse, as they advertised stock on their website and then took a week after the order was placed to get back to me with the news that they didn’t have the camera I’d ordered. Schmucks.