Fun for the Whole Family

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I have the best wife in the
free world. I took the kids out for a bit yesterday morning, while Kathy went
garage sale shopping. When we returned, she said “Ok, everyone stand in
front of the car; I’ve got a surprise for you!” We all dutifully lined up,
and then she lifted the garage door to reveal a great 4’x8′ HO scale model
train layout. I’ve had a couple-decade-long sporadic love affair with model
railroads, but have never gotten past the initial phase of building one.
Kathy found this one at a garage sale and talked them down to half their
asking price, which was probably about a quarter of what it was worth. It
came with a power pack, two locomotives, a bunch of cars, and the layout
itself, which has two main loops and a number of turnouts. What a woman!