A Few Paragraphs to Dad

I was writing to [Dad McMains->] yesterday and realized that a few things I mentioned there hadn’t really made it onto Ruminations yet. So here are a couple of paragraphs from that missive:

The other kiddos are doing well. Kathy and Emily have
been having some really good, heart-to-heart talks
lately. She’s starting to turn into a little person,
rather than just a kid! Since Emily has started doing
school at home again this fall, Abby has been eager to
join in and do some school as well. Kathy’s been
trying to come up with good stuff for Abby to do, but
she’s still young enough that she needs a lot of
guidance and help. Emily’s doing great with going off
to the schoolroom and working on her assignment for an
hour at a time. We’re often in there working together,
now that I’ve started my two days a week at home.
Liam’s still charging around the house, being adorable
and getting into everything. His new favorite toys are
the train cars from a model train set Kathy picked up
cheaply at a garage sale. Unfortunately, the cars
aren’t designed with 22 month olds in mind, and are
rapidly becoming less railworthy. Good thing they were

My recent fun project has been getting into video
editing. We bought a digital camcorder, and I’ve been
experimenting with Apple’s iMovie software, which is a
load of fun. I’ve also ordered a G4, which I’ll be
funding by selling the G3 and the iBook, since work
has provided me with a laptop. (Dell, unfortunately.)
Anyway, the video work is a load of fun. Once I put
something worthwhile together, I’ll post it on the
website and let you know.