The Onset of the Justifiably Named Terrible Twos

We thought [Liam->] was handling Maggie’s arrival just fine, and would continue to be the utterly charming little boy that he has been up to now. But shortly after her arrival, he discovered the power of the word “No,” which, of course, he doesn’t deliver that way, but in all uppercase with exclamation points: “NO!!” In addition, he’s getting more ornery and obeying instructions less readily, so it looks like we may be in for some increased parenting challenges for a while. He is, fortunately, still unfailingly kind to his new little sister; we’re not sure whether this was brought on by her arrival or whether he’s just reached that point in his development. In either case, he’s spending more time in solitary confinement in his room, where he pushes the screen out of his window and drops his blocks out onto the dirt below where the neighbors retrieve them for us.