A Romp in the Planning Stages

The last time I spoke with [Dad McMains->] on the phone, he mentioned that he was slated to speak at a conference in Las Vegas in September, 2001. I mentioned to [Kathy->] that I thought it would be fun to go out there with him, and to my surprise, she said “I think you ought to go. I’ll take care of the kids.” So, recalling that [Ross->] had mentioned en passant that it would be fun to hit Vegas sometime, I asked him if he’d be interested in crashing Dad’s conference, to which he responded an enthusiastic affirmative. Then I remembered that [Chris->] and Ross had a great time together when he was out west, and that we hadn’t had a time to all get together for ages. I fired off an email to him, and he duplicated Ross’ response. So, it looks like not only will I finally get to see Blue Man Group in person, but I’ll get to do it with 3 of my favorite people! In Ross’ words, I am SUCH A HAPPY MONKEY!