This Revelation Brought to You By Levi Strauss

The other night I went shopping for jeans, as I was tired of wearing nice pants to work all the time and being mocked by my casual dress coworkers. As I spent a bit of quality time with a few pairs in the fitting room, it quickly became evident that the time in my life that I could fit comfortably into pants with a 36 inch waist had past. The shame!

So, my resolution: by hook, crook, or strategic use of shoehorns and a vacuum cleaner (don’t ask), I’m going to get back down a couple inches. I’ve been adjusting my sleep schedule so that I can get up early to take walks or to hit the company gym. I’m also trying hard to cut back on my usual gustatory enthusiasm, especially late at night.

Doggone it, if Jim can do it, so can I!