RE: tom baker?!?!?

David Dark asked:

does your mention of tom baker in the d&D review imply that you’ve a fondness for doctor who in your heart somewhere? my brother and i are batty bout it.

Oh, heavens yes.

Some of my fond childhood memories center around late-night TV sci-fi with [Dad McMains->]. Dr. Who was one of our staples, as were classic Star Trek and Twilight Zone, as well as an avid viewing of Forbidden Planet whenever the networks broadcast it late at night.

But Dr. Who is special. And Tom Baker was certainly the definitive Dr. Who in our experience. Even now, when I’m messing around with various synthesizers, the Dr. Who theme is one of the first things I try on it — the super-cool version with the bridge in the middle that goes into the relative major key for about 20 bars.

In fact, now that you’ve got me thinking about it, I may have to try to put together a version on the new Korg. 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t have much access to the good Doctor these days. We stopped watching TV about 5 years ago, and Dr. Who and the Simpsons are two of the few things I miss. I haven’t found a good place to rent episodes yet, though I’m excited by the occassional rumors of a movie in the works. Hope springs eternal…