Today's Apple Fun

As anyone who cares probably already knows, Apple announced a lot of interesting stuff today. The item I covet most would be a tie between the new Powerbook G4, which is sassy simply for it’s own sake, and the high-end G4 tower, which comes with DVD-authoring software. If inducing techno-lust is a measure of the product’s success, then this morning was a winner, as suddenly I feel a burning need to make my own DVDs.

I’ve also downloaded iTunes, and am enjoying playing with it. Good timing too, as I’d been considering buying Soundjam MP, upon which it’s evidently based. I’ve got 3GB set aside for music, and am cramming CDs into the machine as fast as it will take them.

But the best news got less fanfare than any of these. Jobs showed off the latest version of OS X, and it’s evident from what he said and what had changed that Apple has actually been paying attention to the people who have been beta testing OS X, and have made usability improvements and fleshed-out functionality that will make the OS more of a pleasure to use. Jobs is a bit notorious for pushing his vision to production even when it’s not a good one, so it’s a pleasant thing to see his company have the humility to actually listen and take user’s ideas. Continuing to apply that kind of attitude could once again make Apple the computer for the rest of us.