Birthday Romp!

This past Saturday was my 31st birthday, which I celebrated by dragging my family down to the Tower of the Americas in downtown San Antonio where we met up with [Dad McMains->], [Lana->], and [Meara->]. We all enjoyed a meal at the top of the tower, where the rest of my crew had never visited before, watching the miles-long view wheel along below us as we ate. It’s amazing just how far you can see from up there.

We then proceeded to the San Antonio Zoo, a fantastic place that was build largely by the WPA, and which has grown and gotten even nicer ever since. The kids had a great time running around and seeing the various critters. The adults were a bit hard-pressed to keep up, but enjoyed the time quite a bit as well. I had hoped to drop by the Japanese Sunken Gardens after the zoo, but everyone was tired and work was paging me incessantly, so we headed home.

Sunday saw a visit from [Mom McMains->], who generously offered to come up to San Marcos since we were still road-weary from the day before. We all enjoyed some dinner and visiting time, rounding off a very enjoyable birthday weekend. Thanks for making it a great one, everybody!