Techno Lust Revisited

One of my co-conspirators at work, Tim Keating, just got in the Powerbook G4 he’d ordered a while back. A long-term Windows/Linux guy, he’s been laughing a bit at himself over the weeks he’s been waiting, saying “If I actually went out and bought a Macintosh, it’s a strong testament to their product engineering.” He brought the box and some Krispy Kremes by this morning for the great opening ceremony, and I think the thing has lived up to and perhaps surpassed his expectations so far. The photos of the unit that I’d seen on the web up to now don’t really do it justice. You have to see it in person to really appreciate the diminutiveness of the unit and the expansiveness of the screen. A remarkably nicely engineered product, I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs over the next couple months. We’ll be installing OS X on it next week.