The Cactus are Abloom

Though Texas autumns don’t compare with those of New England, its springs are nonpareil. Lady Bird Johnson spearheaded a massive sowing of wildflower seeds along the state highways, the fruits of which we still enjoy. Earlier in the season there are a spectacular few days when the Bradford Pears have blossomed when you’re startled by snowy white trees around every corner. And for about 3 weeks, I was frequently surprised while walking outside by a blast Mountain Laurel scent.

As the weather warms, many of the early bloomers are fading. One notable exception is the prickly pear cacti, which have been sprouting new spring green lobes for the last month or two, and which are now busting into extravagant bloom. I took this shot about 3 blocks from our house, in the middle of a whole field of these magnificent plants. There were several different colors of blossom, ranging from orange to pink to yellow, but this shot showed off the blooms the best.