How About That Crazy Internet?

[Dad McMains->], as many of you know, is one of the world experts in hostage negotiation and crisis management. Along with his friend Wayman Mullins, he’s written a book on the subject that is pretty much the definitive reference for the area.

Aaron Elkins, as many of you probably also know, is an author of thrillers & mysteries, perhaps most notable of which is his Gideon Oliver series, which even had a brief brush with television.

This past weekend, Aaron was doing some research for a writing project, and being familiar with Dad’s book, wanted to contact him to ask some questions. So while I was down in San Antonio playing with the kids, Aaron and Dad managed to get in touch through this website before I even knew what was going on. And now I’ve got a new author for my reading list. Hooray for the Internet and for Conversant, the groupware system that drives this site!