And More

From [Dad McMains->], who has seen more of this kind of horror than I ever hope to:

I have learned through several incidents of evil to
remind myself that there was the Garden in which Jesus
sweated blood, there was the Cross where Jesus
suffered feeling abandonded, and there was an empty
tomb in which Christ/God redeems the evil.

It is always hard to see purpose or redemption in the
midst of the evil. it is the essence of faith to
continue in the face of senselessness and absurdity.
The resurrection and purpose comes later, after the
feelings abates. In the mean time we hurt, we rage, we
fear, and we love. The gretest of these is still love,
even when it is hard or impossible to see how love
come come out of the hate, fear and pain.

What is our next step… it is just that, taking the
next step; having faith that it leads somewhere and
pray like hell that we don’t get co-opted by the evil we
hate and fear. Taking a normal step is a statement of
faith in the ultimate purpose and the victory of good
over evil, in itself.