Marketing Gone Horribly Awry

Now I’m perfectly aware that it’s good marketing to include recipes with a food product so as to give the impulse buyer a possible use for the random food product that he’s shoved into his grocery card in a hunger-fueled bit of poor judgement. However, as with most good ideas, it’s important to use good discretion and taste for it to work correctly. Case in point: I bought a container of Athenos Garlic & Herb Feta Cheese, a product with more than enough merit of its own to sell without any clever marketing. But if you’ve got to pay those marketers for something, it makes sense that they might give you some ideas for the product’s use. But what to my wondering eyes should appear when I open the package? Not guidelines for greek salads. Not instructions for mousakka.

“Savory Feta Burgers”

The apocolyse is surely nigh.