Dial "M" for Murder

Last Saturday night, Kathy and I made the pilgrimage to Lockhart’s Gaslight Theater for the closing night of Dial “M” for Murder. Having never seen the film version, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect, but had high hopes given the quality of the previous performance we’d seen at the theater.

The show revolves around a man’s discovery of his wife’s infidelity, and his subsequent calculating plans to do her in. Those plans go awry in various complicated ways, making for a gripping and unpredictable drama.

The cast for this show was even better than the last we’d seen. The principals did an especially good job, pulling off the delicate balance between the clear diction the stage demands and natural-sounding speech admirably. The theater was cut down to 60 seats from their usual 90, creating an even more intimate setting than usual. Altogether, another great experience at a theater we’re glad to have discovered.

Next in their season is Ionesco’s Rhinocerous, which should be an interesting departure from the shows we’ve seen there so for. We’re looking forward to it.