Tree House

With the coming of cooler weather, my long-standing resolution to build the kids a tree house began to bear fruit this weekend. I went to the hardware store and read through their various tree house plans, finally settling on something that looked like it ought to be sturdy enough to withstand my children. I settled on an 8′ x 8′ plan, which will itself stand about 8′ above the ground. The view from up there is great, affording both excellent visibility to the street by the house and the swimming pool. We built most of the structure that will support the floor over the weekend. Next up will be installing the actual flooring and then building walls so that Liam doesn’t hurl himself (or anyone else) into space more than absolutely necessary.

After climbing up onto the framework of the platform and seeing what a nice space it is, I’m half-considering commandeering it for use as a Tree Office.