Digging Into the Palm

I’ve been meaning to learn to program the Palm Pilot organizers for a while now, and purchased CodeWarrior several months ago to further that cause. Unfortunately, in spite of having scanned through a couple books on the subject, I haven’t been making any progress at all until this weekend. I finally decided that what I needed was a project to work on, so I’ve started my first PalmOS program — a utility which will make entering certain kinds of reminders faster and easier.

Over the weekend, I built a first version of the user interface and added a little code to it. During lunch today, while waiting for an oil change, I started wiring up the interface so that it would actually do something. Now I can merrily click among all the different screens in the application, though none of them actually do much yet. It’s fun to be learning a new platform, and brain-stretching to be programming in C again after ignoring it for about 6 years. I still like higher-level languages, but I can certainly see that C’s efficiency is a valuable asset on a small device like the Palm.