New Recording Gear

Yesterday I followed Greg’s lead and bought a Tascam US-428, a nifty little unit that connects to a computer and turns it into a multi-track digital recording studio. I have been using the free version of the Pro Tools software for some small recording projects up to now, but adding the US-428 will give a lot more flexibility than I’ve had with Pro Tools. It has built-in MIDI ports to connect the Korg synthesizer, and the 24 bit D/A audio converters should provide higher-quality sound than the built-in audio hardware on my Mac. I’m particularly excited that the unit comes with Cubasis, a software package that allows on-the-fly effects to be added to the mix.

The unit should be arriving in about a week, and I have a couple of projects that I want to get recorded, so hound me if I don’t have anything interesting musically up here in a month or two.