Emily a Star

Last week, Emily was filmed for a commercial one of our friends at Southwest Texas was doing for her film class. She spent most of the day down at the University studio and “on location” on our front sidewalk.

The commercial was a fun little spot for an imaginary product: Sugar-ee energy bars, which consist of 100% refined table sugar. The industrious film students actually created a Sugar-ee bar out of sugar cubes and some kind of candy coating. After taking a bite, Emily leaps into the air and, with the help of the blue screen, flies around the world, making it home in time for dinner.

Emily almost missed her chance at stardom when, the day before the filming, she had a minor bike accident, which resulted in a black eye. With some judicious use of makeup and choice of camera angles, however, she was still afforded her chance to become a child star.

The commercial is still in editing, but once we get a copy, I’ll see if I can get it up here for everyone to enjoy. Emily’s still doing her best to eat the whole dang sugar bar, which the students gave her when the filming was completed.