Public School Redux

[Chris->] asked me this morning about how public school was treating [Emily->], so I thought I’d provide an update here in case anyone else was interested. Emily was pretty nervous about her first day, and was up prowling around the house at 3:00am the night before. Since she’s actually started, however, she seems to have had little but good experiences there. She’s getting up to speed on math with a minimum of difficulty, and has been blazing through the accelerated reading program, where she’s reading books at her own rate and taking tests on the computer as she completes them.

Additionally, the TAAS test, which is the minimum academic achievement test in Texas, was earlier this week. Em apparently blazed through it, and thought she did great, though she won’t get her results back for a while. Her class is going on a number of field trips this week, including a local huge playground and the San Antonio Zoo.

So, all in all, this continues to look like a good decision for her. She’s making more friends, learning more readily, and hasn’t been subject to many of the horrors that sometimes accompany public school.