Neverwinter Nights

Warning: this message is pretty geeky.

Neverwinter Nights shipped this week, and my copy just arrived at home. (Unfortunately, I’m at work, so won’t get to mess with it for a while.) Part of the reason I’m excited about NWN is that it’s the most complete computer-based implementation of Dungeons & Dragons ever created. It combines a strong single and multi-player game with some very nice design tools that allow you to create you own adventures for you or your friends to play through.

Though my dad and I had our share (perhaps more) of friction while I was growing up, D&D was something we could do together and quite enjoy one another’s company. Dad encouraged my creativity when I was designing my teen-aged adventures, and the game has fond associations for me as a result. I’m looking forward to having a chance to dig back into that rich gaming system, seeing what can be wrought with the tools Bioware has provided, and maybe even talking Dad into a game somewhere along the way.