Weight Loss Through BBQ

I’ve been continuing to adhere (more or less) to the Testosterone Advantage Plan, and have now dropped to 199 pounds — 19 pounds lower than my starting weight. I’ve been less and less rigorous about the diet plan, sticking less to the prescribed meals and just generally trying to eat a lot of protein and healthier fats, but am still making steady progress.

Though the book promises higher energy levels and better health in general, one of the effects that has very much surprised me since being on the program is that my chronic reflux has all but vanished — I haven’t reached for an antacid in weeks, even though I often drink most of a gallon of tea a day. I continue to be suprised and delighted with how well things are going, especially after the poor luck I had with the low-fat diet/aerobic exercise approach I’d been using before.

I’m planning to visit the doctor soon to check and see whether all this meat has done unsavory things to my cholesterol levels. It should be interesting to find out if there are any negative side effects to this otherwise positive program.