Lovely Weekend

Texas has been temporarily transformed into heaven, as Autumn sweeps in and we’re enjoying some of the most glorious weather I can remember. We celebrated by buzzing down to New Braunfels for some delightful outdoor BBQ at the New Braunfels Smokehouse with [Dad McMains->] and [Lana->], and then having [Mom McMains->] and a couple of other friends from San Antonio up for a swim and feed.

I took a stab at a new variety of salsa (a sort of stewed vegetable affair, served hot) which was well-received. Kathy also has been installing a new dishwasher, since our old one was eaten by rodents. (Really!) Emily is readying her bid for Student Council Representative. Her strategy thus far seems to be using permanent markers to make her posters, thus ensuring that anyone who passes nearby will be rendered woozy from fume inhalation and will therefore be open to whatever suggestions she sees fit to implant in their heads.

Thanks to Kathy’s tireless efforts, Maggie is nearly toilet trained. She’s gotten through whole days without accidents, and has received effusive praise from the rest of the family whenever she makes a deposit in her little child potty. This has, however, had the unfortunate side effect that guests to our home have unexpectedly found themselves presented with a bowl full of urine by a grinning naked toddler.