Dad's 60th Birthday Party

[Dad McMains->], being the observant and incisive thinker that he is, is nearly impossible to surprise. Over the years, many attempts have been made — none have been successful.

This past Sunday, we surprised him. [Lana->] and [Meara->] took point on putting together a party, inviting people and coordinating arrangements by email and cell phone. I worked things out with Cheatham Street, where I played on Sunday, to have some space available for our party group. On the day of the event, Lana feigned illness while Meara and her grandparents arrived early to make final arrangements and to greet people. Around 4:30, my stunned father arrived to a room full of friends from San Antonio and San Marcos. We in the band struck up Happy Birthday as the cheers went up and the celebration began.

It was great for us to see Dad in the company of good friends and enjoying the event so much, and meaningful to me to be able to be part of the entertainment for the event. We love you, Dad. I’m delighted we could be a part of this milestone. Happy birthday!