Next Generation Arcade

I took [Emily->] down to the arcade this past Saturday where we blew through a moderate amount of cash between us. Though I’d watched Dance Dance Revolution machines with some amusement before, this marked my first attempt at actually trying the thing for myself. I once again confirmed the fact that I’d a big, ungainly white guy who has no business doing anything that involves rhythm in any way.

Another crowd favorite as determined by how silly you look when you play was Beachhead 2002 on a VR Vortek system. The VR Vortek features a big, yellow pivoting display that goes over your eyes which provides two critical advantages over a traditional display: 1. By rotating and looking up and down, you can interact with a full 360 degree environment. 2. It makes you look like a big, ungainly white guy whose head has been bitten off and replaced by that of a giant plastic mantis. Fun!