Holy Reorg, Batman!

Within the last week, my team at work has been split in two and pointed in different directions. Further, my boss is a lame duck, having given his two weeks notice prior to starting at an enviable new job where he’ll be a founding member of a new team creating a new online game. Not only that, but his boss has taken a different opportunity, and has a week or so left as well. So I started making friendly with the team lead of my new team, only to discover yesterday that he, too, is joining up with the new game team. And our single remaining DBA will probably be gone at the end of July due to visa issues. Turmoil! Upheaval! Stress!

The bad: obviously, there’s a certain feeling of instability at the moment, and there’s lots of work to be done to effect this transition and ensure it works well.

The good: it looks like there’s a good chance that I’ll actually be getting to do some programming directly on the game eventually, which should be a fun new challenge. (Up to now, I’ve spent all my time on various support systems, notably the account management/billing system.)