A Tale Told By An Idiot, Full of Sound and Fury, but Signifying Nothing

I’m referring, of course, to Terminator 3. I went and watched it last night with a couple of guys from a Bible study. (Savor the irony of that for a moment. Aaaah.)

One expects a certain level of mindless mayhem where Terminator movies are concerned, and this one delivered that in spades. However, I never really cared enough about the characters to make the mayhem feel as threatening as it should have. Plus, the pacing was peculiar. One rather expects the biggest explosions and most impressive set pieces to cap off the film. Not in this case — it just petered out rather abruptly, and left me thinking “Where’s the climactic final battle?” Also disappointing was the fact that the way Arnold finished off the new Terminator — especially given that the Terminator from T2 could easily have escaped that situation. But, of course, I tend to think too much in films like these.

Anyway, a reasonably fun romp, but it left me rather dissatisfied.