New Whistles

I ordered a passel of new Pennywhistles from The Whistle Shop last week. I’m pretty excited to get the order for a couple of reasons:

  1. Clarke Natural: this whistle is probably the modern whistle that’s most like the traditional instruments. It has a conical bore, which gives it a more mellow sound than the Susato whistles I favor for general purpose playing, and has a wooden fipple which is supposed to give it an even nicer, mellower sound. I’ve not owned a conical bore whistle before, and will be glad to have one in my arsenal.
  2. The Meg: Clarke has taken their Sweetone design and contracted with a far east manufacturing company to crank these purportedly quite good whistles out for a mere $3.00 each. I ordered several of these, one for keeping and a bunch for giving away so as to spread the whistle addiction a bit farther.

The order’s due in Thursday. I’ll post on whether these live up to expectations once I’ve had a chance to mess about with them a bit.