Air Conditioning!

We’ve finally got air conditioning out in my converted garage office and the other rooms on that end of the house. After Sears damaged our living room with their initial install and then ignored our cries for help, both phoned and written, for 9 months, we told them to get lost and to take their system with them. Ironically, the company they contracted to do the removal, Austin Air Duct, turned out to be quite competent and helpful. We solicited a bid from them, along with several other local contractors, and eventually decided that we liked them best and had them do the installation.

The job ended up being a fair bit more involved than they had expected, due to the shoddy work the original Sears crew had done, but they called in the necessary extra people and got the job done finished up anyway at the originally bid price. The new installation looks much nicer, runs quieter and best of all, actually cools the place off. (The old installation always struggled a bit.) We paid a bit extra to have some extra returns put in, which means that I can seal the inside doors to my office for soundproofing and not impact the airflow.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the new system, and would heartily recommend Austin Air Duct to anyone in the area.