Short Update for Short Attention Spans

  • I took Maggie to the San Antonio Zoo, for a ride on the Brackenridge Eagle, to the office of [Mom McMains->], and to see Spy Kids 3D (which didn’t make a lick of sense) for her day with Daddy.
  • Emily’s home from her four-week New York trip. We’re glad she’s back! It’s great to have the full family again.
  • Abigail’s birthday party was yesterday. In spite of sporadic illness on her part and looming thunderstorms, all the portents cleared and we had a spectacularly good time. Thanks to all who attended and helped make it a wonderful occasion!
  • As a token of thanks for helping to set up her website, Celeste gave us a beautifully done print of Vanity and another of Dragon. We’re looking forward to finding a good spot in the house for them. She and Adam are off to Arizona for Harley Davidson mechanic school in a couple of weeks.