Wedding with a Punchline

Last night, we all went to the wedding of our friends Bryan Washer and Mary Godonis. Bryan and Mary are both unusually fun-loving folks, and their sense of humor bled over into the wedding in some delightful ways.

The first hint that the ceremony was to be a bit out of the ordinary was when the priest put on a towering quasi-papal hat, and launched into a speech from The Princess Bride: “Mawwiage. Mawwiage is the thing that bwings us here today. Mawwiage, that dweam within a dweam…” She then masterfully segued into using that speech as the basis for a short homily before the ceremony proceeded.

Next, when the four year old boy who was carrying the ring was asked to present it, he muttered “my precioussss…” in a manner worthy of Andy Serskis. Bryan was then enjoined to put the ring on Mary’s sixth finger, another reference to The Princess Bride.

At the reception, Liam put on an impromptu breakdancing demonstration that had most of our table in stitches, and we all enjoyed getting out on the dance floor for a while. We had originally planned to head out a bit early, since we had all the kids along, but were having so much fun that we ended up leaving shortly after the happy couple.

Congratulations to Bryan and Mary, and a big thanks for letting us be a part of a day that was not only very special, but also a load of fun. Grace, peace, and love to the both of you.