In Praise of Garmin

I mentioned in my last post that we have a working GPS again. I had bought a Garmin GPS III about four years ago, when I was doing more freelance consulting, which I used to find client sites. Within the last couple years, entropy and the hot Texas sun took their tolls on the unit, and it stopped retaining waypoints and started having display problems.

I looked at Garmin’s repair policies, and decided that even at $99 for a refurbish, it was cheaper to repair this unit than to buy a new one. I sent mine in, and was startled to receive it back in less than two weeks, fully repaired at no cost. The paperwork indicated that they had determined it was covered by warrantee, which is of course unheard of for a four year old electronic device.

So, kudos to Garmin for the great customer service. Unless the company is hit by a giant meteorite and wiped off the face of the earth, I’ll never buy a GPS from anyone else.