Treasure Hunting

The kids and I went on our first Geocaching adventure two days ago, and had a great time! (Geocaching is a big game of GPS-enabled hide and seek, where one person hides a box, takes note of the GPS coordinates of that box, and then posts those coordinates on a website. Other players then try to find the box using the coordinates provided.)

The first cache we went “Treasure Hunting” for was in a little nature park down by the San Marcos river which we’ve walked through countless times, but never suspected held a cache. The next one we tried to find was by on old train depot, but we were unable to locate the cache there. We went again today to find some farther-flung caches, one along the “Devil’s Backbone,” a road that runs along the ridge of some hills between here and Canyon Lake, and the other on Prayer Mountain, a beautiful little mountain just outside of Wimberley. With a bit of scrambling around, we were able to find both, and even ran into another geocaching team on the mountain.

You can see the team profile of Clan McMains on the Geocaching website, and follow our adventures there. I hope to hide a cache soon, as San Marcos doesn’t have nearly enough yet!