T-Shirts and Sibling Rivalry

Siblings, as many of you may already be aware, don’t always get along. Though skirmishes ocassionally erupt among all the members of the junior set, the principal combatants in our family are generally [Liam->] and [Abigail->], whose closeness in age makes living together peacefully a bit more challenging for them than it is for other family members.

Recently, Abigail decided that she didn’t want Liam to come into her room — an initiative we supported, since we feel that it’s important for her to have a place she can go and have some peace. In order to make her wishes clear, she posted a number of signs on her door: “Liam’s not allowed,” “No Liams!”

We didn’t think too much of this until a few days after the signs had been up. I happened to be looking more closely at one of them than I had previously, and noticed this particular one said “Abby yes” on one side, and had a self-portrait that featured flowers, angelic wings, and the ilk.

The other side, as you might expect, said “Liam no!” on it. The thing that took me aback was not the general sentiment of the poster, but the fact that the portrait of Liam which Abigail had drawn featured a T-Shirt with the catchy slogan “I love Satan!” on it.

I had a little chat with Abigail about the fact that this was neither true nor kind, and that we’d need to take it down. It had to wait about 10 minutes, however, until I could do it with a straight face.