A Bit of IM Poetry

My friend Brit Baker is both a crackerjack Quality Assurance man, and a very funny guy. He was unfortunately among those who met with the Grim Job Reaper last Wednesday at Origin, so if you need someone who knows his QA stuff, and is a treat to work with, hire him! Now!

We had an IM interchange today that rather amused me:

britmanxtc (3:43:49 PM): Remember the halcyon days of Broadvision multimonth discounts? When the fields of sawgrass did not lay so fallow?
Sean McTex (4:07:25 PM): Ah, yes — the golden-hued vision of yesteryear, when life stretched endlessly before us like a middle-schooler’s first day of summer break.
britmanxtc (4:09:28 PM): when the vagaries of life that quenched our innermost thirsts were as sharp in the imagination as if they were whetted on a barbershop strop
Sean McTex (4:15:48 PM): and thoughts of our own mortality were far from us, as the witches brew of our inner lives boiled and bubbled with the energy of youth.
britmanxtc (4:22:35 PM): but then the cold bitter winds of change set in, coming in phases like the moon, but with far greater gravity than the puny forces of that desolate orb…
Sean McTex (4:32:44 PM): the chill of winter worked its way through our coats, our shirts, our very skins, until it settled in our bones, the hoar-marrow of a new, dark age
britmanxtc (4:41:11 PM): and then we got a sandwich
Sean McTex (4:44:47 PM): mmmmmmm….roast beef.