And I Thought This Was Supposed to be Relaxing

Looking forward to a nice break full of sunshine and bike-riding with the kids, I yesterday dropped off a couple of our bikes that needed a bit of work at Pedal Power, the local bike shop I prefer. On the way back to pick them up that afternoon, I came to stop at a red light. So did the car immediately behind me. The car behind her, however, didn’t, and both plowed into the back of our car. The speed of collision was relatively low, so nobody was hurt, and there wasn’t too much damage done to our car, but it was still an unfortunate interlude in our sunny day.

After getting the bikes home, we went out riding later. Emily tackled a big hill by Crockett Elementary, and Liam, who is normally a bit timid about physically hazardous adventures, surprised me by following immediately after. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t mastered using the brakes to moderate his speed when going downhill, and had quite a head of steam when he hit the bottom of the hill and went flipping off his bike.

Three hours and one trip to the hospital later, it turned out that he just had a bunch of scrapes and a nasty sprain. He’s on ibuprofin to keep the swelling down and has a bandage to keep his arm straight, but should be in good shape in a few days.

The frequency of these misadventures is starting to make me suspect that I’d be better off in a nice safe office somewhere!