Viva Unemployment!

  • Just got done with a great show at Cheatham Street Warehouse with the Grant Mazak Band. Best crowd we’ve had there: lots of folks, energy was high, and we played well (and had a lot of fun). Thanks for coming out, everyone who did!
  • David took me out to the studio for a bit this afternoon and ran me through the work he’d done to mix the live recording. It’s really interesting to me to learn more about the audio engineering work he does so well, and to hopefully be able to apply a bit of it to my own meager recording efforts. (Thanks for staying with the kiddos, Kath!)
  • Abby and I went to Fiesta Texas on Friday. I enjoyed getting to run around with her for the day, and she seemed to really enjoy the time together, the rides, and the shows. She’s not quite ready for the biggest roller coasters yet, but was a bit more adventurous than I’d expected.
  • Lowe’s is the Wal-Mart of hardware stores. I’m never going back. Fortunately, we have a great local hardware store in San Marcos (Steward’s Ace Hardware) that has nearly everything Lowe’s had, plus chicken feed and customer service.
  • Had a nice long talk with [Chris->] today while sitting in the treehouse. He met an English girl when over in Ireland for a wedding, and is going to see her at the beginning of April. I’m eager to see where this relationship goes.
  • Went camping last weekend with Daniel and a number of his friends from back home last weekend at Goose Island State Park. It was a great time, and felt like a fitting kickoff to the next couple weeks of unemployment.
  • In addition to Texas State University, I also have an interview lined up with Microsoft. It feels a little funny as a long-time Mac fan to be interviewing with them, even though it’s for one of their game studios.
  • I recently finished most of the work on a website for my sister-in-law and her husband, who are headed to Uganda for some mission work in a few months. Both are brilliant and committed people, and it’s very exciting to see this coming together for them.