When it rains…

Rather a lot going on right now, which leaves little time to write about it:

  • Kathy’s brother Dan arrived from New York. He’s been planning for a while to come down and stay with us, but only just managed to pull up stakes and make the trip. We’re enjoying having him stay with us, and Liam and I are grateful for another man around the house!
  • Last weekend, [Chris->] came into town for the weekend and to visit down at UT Health Science Center. We celebrated Emily’s birthday and his presence on Saturday with one of our usual backyard bacchanals: lots of eating, swimming, piƱata bashing, and visiting with wonderful people, most of whom we don’t get to spend as much time with as we’d like. Thanks to all of you who helped make that a wonderful time, and to Chris and Emily for giving us a reason to celebrate.
  • My friend Mark McFail had his bachelor party this week. We went camping out at a stunning spot in the hill country owned by Travis Schrank’s family, a little bit south of Kerrville. We reveled in manly company, hill country views, spring-fed creeks, Dr. Pepper, Fredericksburg peaches, cherries, and strawberries, music, and a testosterone-fueled, though ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to shoot a pig for dinner. I slept out in a hammock under a thick, wooly blanket that was waterproof enough that I didn’t notice that it rained on me during the night.
  • I started the new job at the University. It’s been a bit of adjustment to get used to the University culture again after being in corporate America for nearly a decade, but I’m enjoying it a great deal. The library in which my office is located is amazing, and it’s a great perk to be able to find nearly any book, map, journal, or government document I might be interested in just by popping upstairs.
  • My old friend Greg was in town for business and stayed with us Wednesday night. It was a great treat to get to hang out with him for an evening, enjoy good conversation and brew, and to show him a bit of what I like about San Marcos.
  • Kathy’s sister Karen and her husband Jeff (who’s an old college friend of mine) are coming in this afternoon with their kids to stay with us for a week. We’re greatly looking forward to the time with them, though anticipate that having five adults and seven children under our roof may get a bit lively at times! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to skip out on work during the time they’re here, but I’ll be racing home quickly afterwards to make the most of the time with them before they head off to Africa.