A Quick Visit with Adam & Celeste

My step-brother Adam and his wife Celeste were in town last weekend from Arizona, where Adam is attending school to become a certified Harley Davidson mechanic. We enjoyed a happy few hours with them at Taco Cabana after their arrival. Adam’s doing the best he ever has with school, and seems to be quite enjoying the experience. Celeste has finished up a painting of a Sphinx that she had been working on, and is taking a bit of a break before launching into another painting project. It was great to get to see them, and to hear how life in Arizona is treating them. (The short version: they’re anxious to get back to Texas.)

I also got to see my old friend Chip, with whom I ran around a lot in middle and high school, and his wife and child. (Chip, if you’re reading this, the dang email address on your business card bounced when I tried it. Grr.)

It was wholly delightful to get to renew those relationships, though I only wished we could have had longer to do so!