Another Anniversary Already?

While it slipped by without my mentioning it on the appropriate date, Kathy and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on May 27. Our visiting relatives kept an eye on the kids for us while we went out for a dinner at Palmer’s, followed by a visit to the $1.50 second run theater to take in 50 First Dates, which was alternately quite vulgar and very sweet, and which we quite enjoyed between the walrus barf jokes.

In celebration of our anniversary and my gainful employment, Kathy slipped out to Grant’s store and presented me with an amazing gift: A Fender GB-41 SCE Acoustic Electric Cutaway Bass. Easily the nicest guitar I’ve ever had, it has a great unamplified sound, loud enough for acoustic jamming with traditional guitars, and works well plugged in too. When I played it at Cheatham Street for the first time, I had three different people come up and comment on how much they liked the sound of the new instrument. I’ll probably be using it exclusively with the band once I get a few little issues worked out.

Anyway, it’s hard for me to believe it’s been nine years now. As ever, I’m grateful for the time, and for a partner who, through her support, doesn’t make me into what she wants, but helps me to be even more the person I want to be. Thanks, Kathy, for everything.