Falling Objects

This afternoon, [Kathy->] was down in San Antonio to pick up [Emily->], who has been in New York for the past three weeks, visiting Kathy’s family. They were stopped at a red light when a bulldozer at an adjacent construction site pushed over a lamp post, which fell onto the van, inches from [Abigail->]’s head. It sent glass flying, completely destroying the rear window of the van and showering even Kathy in the front seat with shards.

Fortunately, nobody was injured, and they’re all on their way home in a rental car the construction company provided. I’m once again thanking God for keeping my family safe.

UPDATE: I’d misunderstood Kathy when she was describing the accident to me originally. She wasn’t stopped at a stoplight, but driving at about 30mph. Even scarier to realize that if she’d been driving just a bit slower, the lamp post would have landed on the roof or possibly gone through the winshield.