The Morning Commute

As fall has walked in on little cat feet, and the weather in Texas has been cool enough to enjoy being outside without having a river immediately available to jump into, I’ve taken to walking to work when time permits. It takes a bit longer than biking, but is better exercise, and encourages contemplation more than does the same path astride my two-wheeled steed.

Now, because I have a knack for taking anything carefree, beautiful, and wholesome and spoiling it by overanalyzing, I decided to bring the GPS with me this morning to see what sort of distance I’m actually covering and what sort of time I made. Results:

  • Time: 22 minutes, 38 seconds
  • Average Speed: 3.8 miles/hour
  • Distance: 1.42 miles

A little better speed than I expected, and when done twice a day, it’s a pretty nice addition to my nominal fitness regimen.