New Nephew!

As of January 12, we have a new nephew. His name is John Paul Adams, and he was born to his folks Jeff and Karen in Uganda, where they’re doing mission work. Here’s my favorite passage from the announcement Jeff sent out:

Our many friends here have shown us many great kindnesses; we can’t thank
them enough. And our Ugandan friends, in particular, are very pleased that
we decided to have our baby here, among them. I told the news to a student
this morning and he, like most Ugandans, assumed that Karen had gone home to
have the baby, like most mzungu [white people -ed.]. He very surprised and pleased that we had
chosen to have our baby here.

One of the sweetest exchanges came at the petrol station, of all places.
Most of the attendants are women and girls, and they have gotten to know us
over the last months. (A white family in a big white Land Rover is pretty
conspicuous.) One said to Karen, “still here?” By which she meant: haven’t
you gone back to wherever you come from to have the baby? When Karen told
her she had given birth that very night in Kampala, and pointed to John Paul
in his car seat, she shrieked for joy. She gathered all the other
attendants together so they could admire the “white Ugandan”. Again, there
was a bond created by the fact that we were willing to be with them, even in
the giving birth of our child.

Between the photos from Uganda Jeff keeps sending, and his nefarious nephew-having scheme, I’m more and more convinced that I need to get over there for a visit someday.